Attributes and personal interests

I am a person of integrity, conscientiousness, creativity and enthusiasm. I have an interest in developing self-awareness and self-actualization, and feel I have a purpose and obligation to discover my potential. I value the power of collaboration and mentorship and believe that we all have the potential to teach and learn from each other. IPIP-NEO testing reflects high levels of friendliness, activity, altruism, self-efficacy, dutifulness, achievement-striving, cautiousness, artistic interests, intellect and liberalism.

I am married to Mark—the inspirational and challenging guy who’s always in my corner.  We met in 1999 on a red-eye Greyhound, brought together by our mutual dislike of driving cars.  We have a 3-year-old son, Black, who is a   feisty and funny little lad.  I am a roller skater, and am the co-founder and secretary of the Ballarat Roller Derby League, skating under the name ‘Mad Mac’.  I also love knitting, making clothes, breadmaking, reading (mostly non-fiction and graphic novels), writing, film and music.

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